Our Photos

Not only does this show you what we do, it shows you what we love to do.

Take a look at the photos below to see what we get involved in each year.

Awards and Parades

We do around 5 parades a year and many activities that lead to awards and qualifications. Here are some photos to show you what you could achieve if you joined us! In your first year you'd become Heart Start trained by our local Fire Service, this then makes you able to become first aid trained on three different levels - for no extra cost!

Our cadets also complete radio courses, cyber courses and BTECs in both aviation and teamwork as well as finishing classification levels and gaining the ability to teach younger cadets!

We aim to prepare all our cadets for the future - no matter what they decide their future may be. 

Adventure Training Activities

Here at 888 we take part in numerous adventure training activities each year - whether you enjoy climbing snowdon, Duke of Edinburgh or walking 38.2 miles in one day, we've got you covered!

Sports and Team Building

If you're sporty there's loads for you to get involved in! This is just one of the many ways you can learn to work as a team at 888. If you're not sporty, don't worry because there's loads for you too. You can participate in our squadron Laser Quest and Go Karting nights or our NCO planned squadron nights.

Community Events

Throughout the year we also choose to take part in community events and give back to those who support us!


Play an instrument? You can get involved in our squadron and wing band, here's some pictures of two of our corporals, Holden A and Holden K, performing with them!

If you don't play an instrument you can still join our wing band, there's always time to learn!