What We Do

Year 8 or above? It's time to start thinking about what you could be doing in your spare time!

Of course, being an Air Cadet means you have the opportunity to be in the air several times a year. This can be anything from flying a Grob Tutor at your nearest RAF base, gliding or completing a flying scholarship. Getting airborne is optional, so don't let that hold you back if you don't like flying, we do so much more.

Throughout the year we have multiple events and opportunities open to all our cadets. These include a range of camps - both local and international, Duke of Edinburgh Award and a range of courses led by experienced staff members. Climbing Snowdon is a normal weekend activity! Cadets can gain valuable experience in activities such as first aid, radio and orienteering as well as being given the opportunity to join our Wing band.

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Our News

Keep updated with what we achieve, take part in and enjoy.

25th - 27th April

IET Camp 2 and NCO Courses

This weekend 20 cadets and staff attended an IET camp in Wales. Some cadets completed the camp and while others helped to lead the weekend alongside the staff. The weekend consisted of putting up tents ready for their Duke of Edinburgh, map reading and leadership activities to help improve their confidence. For some Cadets this was the first time they’ve spent a night away from home, but we hope it’s not the last as there’s so many other camps for them to experience! This is the second IET camp we’ve run this month to ensure we get all our first class cadets up to a high standard and prepare them for further activities!

Thank you to all the staff and cadet DS who attended the camp to make sure our cadets had a positive first experience.

Meanwhile at DMS Whittington we also had two cadets completing the JNCO and SNCO course along with two SNCO’s helping to run the course. Well done to both Sergeant Pearce and Sergeant Ferreira for being so determined to develop and perform at a high standard to pass the course and gain new leadership levels. This is a huge accomplishment! Another well done to Sergeant Ferreira for being SNCO course leader and leading the final parade in front of our new Wing President Air Commodore Byford!

We’re looking forward to the next course so our remaining JNCO’s and SNCO’s can do us proud too!

Here are some photos from the weekends activities

17th April 2018

Easter Holiday

It may be the Easter Holidays but we’ve had a quite a few busy days at 888!

It all began last Thursday with a 6:30am start to RAF Odiham. 30 cadets got a chance to see a Chinook close up whilst being told about it works and why it’s the best helicopter in the RAF. We then visited the Armoury and saw a few different weapons - we even got to hold them! Finally we had a survival brief and were shown how to survive in multiple environments. During this we had a team exercise of fitting into a blown up floating raft (see some pictures below taken by Flight Sergeant Pearce)

Despite not getting a chance to fly in a Chinook due to adverse weather conditions, it was still a worthwhile visit and everyone had an enjoyable day!

This weekend we had IET going on too. Cadets from 888 and 481 teamed up go on their first camp as cadets. During this the cadets put their map reading skills into practice, learnt how to put up a tent and finally had a taste of our lovely rat pack food! We also had a large 888 cadet DS team to assist the staff and help run a smooth and exciting weekend. We have another IET weekend coming up in 2 weeks time

10th April 2018

Annual General Meeting

Do you want to be part of something big? Are you a Parent, Grandparent, family member or a valuable member of the community? Come along to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 19th April at 7pm to join our Civilian Committee and help prepare our cadets for the future. Drinks and nibbles are also provided as well as a surprise announcement! Find our address on the contact us page!

27th March 2018


Tonight, after a lot of hard work, leadership practice and interviews, 6 of our cadets were promoted to the rank of Corporal.

Well done to Cpl Barnbrook, Cpl Clifft, Cpl Holden A, Cpl Holden K, Cpl Lynam C, Cpl Lynam M - yes, that’s 2 sets of twins.

This is a massive achievement and one of the hardest ranks to attain, we were so happy to see all your smiling faces!

Enjoy your chevrons, we can’t wait to see your progression!

15th March 2018

First Aid

We've received some new shiny first aid equipment tonight. The total cost was £1200. £600 was raised by our cadets while the other £600 was kindly donated to us by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council Local Area Budget.

With this money we bought 4 QCPR Electronic Little Anne Mannequins, each with their own AED trainer, replacement consumable parts, wipes to keep it all clean and a big bag to carry it in. The mannequins relay feedback from each student onto a tablet showing how well the student is doing compressions, rhythm and rescue breaths. This helps to make sure they get it right as we want to ensure that every cadet is capable of saving someone with this important skill. We also bought some floor mats for the squadron and key-rings for each Heart Start cadet and staff member that contains a CPR face guard and gloves.

18th March 2018

Chase Walk

After numerous practices, 12 of our cadets and staff completed the 38.2 mile Chase Walk yesterday!

Despite battling horrific weather, a few longstanding injuries and a 3:45am start they persevered and we couldn't be prouder.

Some cadets who completed it have only been with us since September - so this a prime example of what we do and what you can achieve in such a small space of time.

A massive thank you to all the staff who went to support those that were walking too - your motivation meant a lot to them.

We're looking forward to next year already!

Here are some pictures, because we want to share all their hard work and determination.

14th December 2017

End of year message

After a year of hard work - from all our cadets, staff and civ com - 888 was rewarded with a laser quest night.

The team games really showed off the leadership and teamwork skills our cadets have gained over the past year, while the two solo rounds gave them a chance to use their initiative.

This year our cadets have excelled in DofE, band and sports, they have also participated in tremendous fund raising events and have shown up in force for every parade. None of this could have happened without our fantastic staff team who are constantly enthusiastic and supportive.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

15th August 2017

Recruitment Evening - 21st September

In Year 8 or above? 

Do you want to do something that could change your life?

Earn nationally recognised qualifications and BTECs, complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award free of charge and go on exciting camps in the UK and aborad?

How about taking part in shooting, paragliding, scuba diving, social activities, rock climbing, first aid, leadership, and of course, the flying and gliding (plus much more) ?

Come along to our HQ on Vicarage Road, Langley, at 7.00pm to find out more about #Whatwedo.

18th July 2017

Awards - message from the OC

Last night several members of 888 attended Staffordshire Wings Presentation Evening at the county Buildings. The principal guest was the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire (pictured).

As OC I was privileged to watch the following recieving awards:

Wing Commanders Commendation: CI Ebanks
Civilian Committee Long Service Award (6 years): Mrs Hillman (11 years), Mr Willcocks, Mrs Willcocks, Mrs Dunn, Mr Goodall.
Commandants Commendation for Cadet Service: CWO Clarke
Swynnerton Leadership Course Completion: Cdt Fadahunsi

Well done to all